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Our Vision

  • OUR MARAE ATEA  |   (the green) represents Papatuanuku, our Earth Mother. Everything we do relies on her; she is our life. She is our soil and is our foundation to stand on. She is RESPECT.

  • NGA AMO  |   The sides of the whare

    Te Taha Maui (left side) represents a CULTURE OF CAREWHAKAWHANAUNGATANGA – promoting positive self-esteem, perseverance, cooperation and communication.
    Te Taha Matou (right side) represents a CULTURE OF LEARNING – promoting excellence in student achievement through the learning process of:
    KI AKO (to learn), KI TE WAIHANGA (to create) KI WHAKAPIRI (to share).
    This learning process is scaffolded according to student need, shown by our steps POUTAMA.

  • NGA MAIHI  |  The bargeboards
    Te Taha Maui: Ko tenei STAFF WELLBEING – the importance of staff mahi and well being.
    Te Taha Matou: Ko tenei COMMUNITY WELLBEING – represents our parents, grandparents, whanau, friends and community – working together in our learning journey.

  • NGA KORU i roto i te whare  (The koru inside the whare) represent the SCHOOL VALUES    TIKA TRUTH (kowhai/yellow) AROHA LOVE (whero/red) PONO HONESTY (kahurangi/blue) These three values are intertwined and form TE POUTOKOMANUWA – the main post that holds our whare together. They form the nucleus of RESPECT.

  • Background  |  OUR PLACE
    TOKATOKA       MAUNGARAHO       our maunga (mountains)
    The WAIROA RIVER our awa (river)