Te Kopuru School




Pre School - Enrolment Information

The school welcomes new entrants at school for pre-school visits.  The process will start gradually six weeks before the child's fifth birthday.  The visits are important for the child to make a secure start to school.  If you have a pre-school child please contact the school, so that arrangements can be made and an Information Package given out.

The enrolment procedures are:

6 Weeks:     Letter of invitation to 4 year olds

3 Weeks:     Morning visit from 8.30am - 10.00am -Meet with Principal and receive Information Pack Parents presence required whole time.

2 Weeks:     Morning Visit from 8.30am - 12.30pm -Parents presence optional yet must be able to be contacted easily.

1 Week:     All day visit from 8.30am - 2.45PM -Parents presence optional yet must be able to be contacted easily.

Birthday:     Enrolment Form completed

Please remember to bring your child's BIRTH CERTIFICATE and IMMUNISATION CERTIFICATE on the day of enrolment.  This is a Ministry requirement.



Bell Times:

Please note the bell times. Your child needs to be at school by 8.30am to be organised for the start of the school day.

8.40am                   Assembly

10.00 – 10.15am      Morning Interval

11.15 – 11.30am      Morning Interval

12.30 –   1.20pm      Lunch

2.45pm                   End of School



All children, regardless of what they say, will have homework from Monday to Thursday. Parents are asked to encourage and monitor the Homework Programme.  Any concerns need to be addressed to the classroom teacher.


Homework Centre: 

is available after school from 2.45pm to 4.00pm - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays.

Homework is set each week and students are required to complete it to the best of their ability.  The routine and structure of homework is an important discipline, and one the staff encourage.

A qualified teacher is available at all times to assist students. 

Afternoon Tea is provided free of charge. If you require your child to attend the homework centre, please notify the school either by phone or letter. If there is no notification, your child will be sent home.


Student Safety: 

Our main priority is to ensure student safety at all times.

Therefore we need to implement several strategies and regulations.  It would be very much appreciated if you could support the following:



Open Door Policy: 

Parents are welcome into the school at any time.  We encourage parents to be part of your child's education.  Howeverplease call into the Office first, to notify your presence in the school.

Please do not be offended if a staff member approaches you on the school grounds.


Leaving the School Grounds: 

Students leaving the school grounds during the school day must be accompanied by an adult.  This includes students attending the Medical Centre at the Coronation Hall.  This procedure has been introduced to ensure our students are kept safe.



Lunch Passes: 

Students going home for lunch will require a lunch pass. 

Please send a note to school if you wish your child to go home for lunch.



Road Crossing: 

is patrolled by parents and senior students before school and directly after school. The road can be very busy and dangerous at these times, so we would appreciate parents being positive role models by using the crossing also.



After School Arrangements:

A note of explanation regarding any change to your child's after school routine is essential to safeguard the children.  These can be sent to the Office.




With the high sunshine rate in Northland please remember to send your children to school with a sunhat.  We operate a policy that if a child is not wearing a sun hat then they will play in the shade.  Suntan lotion is recommended.



Head lice: 

are a continual problem.  Please check your child's hair regularly.  Please advise children not to play with each others hair.  Please note head lice is not a justified reason for absence from school.



School Lunches: 

Empire Luncheonette delivers lunches Tuesdays to Friday only.

Orders for this can be done at school.



Fruit in Schools: 

Fruit in Schools (FIS) is an initiative to encourage children to eat more fruit and adopt healthier lifestyles.  Fresh fruit is available to our students for our morning breaks.


KickStart Breakfast in Schools:

KickStart Breakfast is a New Zealand breakfast in schools programme created by Fonterra and Sanitarium to educate kiwi kids on the importance of breakfast. Monday through to Thursday we supply weetbix and milk for breakfast for any student wanting a healthy breakfast.




  • Unless requested by a note or phone call to school by a parent/caregiver, bus children will be sent home on their usual bus.
  • If a student is being collected after school, please make sure the bus duty teacher is notified.
  • If parents wish ineligible bus children to travel on the bus for whatever reason (e.g. Birthday party) a request for permission to the bus company involved (Ritchie's) must be completed by the parents.

        Please notify the school of these arrangements.

Please note there is a bus that comes from town (Dargaville) to our School which involves a fee. Please contact Ritchies Bus Service Dargaville on (09) 439 4902 for further information.



It would be appreciated if the School is notified if your child is absent for the day.  Alternatively, a note explaining absence is required on student return to School. This is a Ministry requirement.



The stationery can be purchased at school.  The Paper Levy and Activities Fee is used to supplement Government Grants and is essential if the school is to maintain and provide extra learning materials for the pupils.  Students will need to purchase stationery as soon as possible, so that the classroom learning programmes can begin.




Please do not send your child to school with fizzy drinks such as Coke, Lemonade, Fanta.  These items will be withdrawn from lunch order lists.  Alternatives such as flavoured milk, juices are available.

Children are encouraged to bring a water bottle to school for use in the classrooms.




Technology Training for the Year 7 and 8 pupils is Friday mornings.  The children will need to wear 'covered' shoes while at Technology. 




All children are required to undergo instruction in water safety and water skills.  This is viewed as a compulsory part of the PE/Health Curriculum, unless excused by a note from a CAREGIVER or DOCTOR. Students must bring named togs, towels throughout swimming season.

We would like students to wear swimming caps to prevent hair blocking our filter system. The School Pool Water is tested on a regular basis.



Duffy Books In Homes:

We have been fortunate enough to be part of the Duffy Books in Homes. 

Being part of the Duffy Books in Homes programme enables each child in our school to receive a guaranteed five books each year.  These books come to our school in three book offers in Terms One, Two and Three.  There are many other aspects of the programme designed to encourage and reward literacy and reading in our students.