Te Kopuru School



Te Kopuru School Swimming Sports Results 2015 Rope Cup:

 BOYS: Brayden Smith 1st Mali Roma 2nd Harrison Davis 3rd Juddah Smith-Askew 4th

 GIRLS: Stella 1st Hannah Nelson 2nd Pohutukawa Kakara 3rd Willow Leeming 4th


Dargaville Tennis CompetitionCongratulations to all who participated

Pohutukawa Kakara 1st Willow Leeming 1st Keagan Morgan 1st Leo Banicevich 1st Jessica Lopez and Phoebe Beale George Nelson and Callum Ashford 


Northern Wairoa Swimming Sports:

A team of 16 swimmers represented Te Kopuru School on Friday at the Northern Wairoa Swimming Sports. We came home with 19 placings, 2nd in the Year 5/6 Relay and 3rd in the Year 7/8. Seven year old Kaitlyn Smith won all of the eight year old events and 9 year old brother Brayden also won all of his events. While many others got placings others did personal best times and will benefit from the experience in the future.

Congratulations to all who participated Hannah Nelson, Stella, Jahnhaya Askew-Smith, Pohutukawa Kakara, Willow Leeming, Kaitlyn Smith, Katarina Ashby-Nathan, Brayden Smith, George Nelson, Wilfred Povey, Juddah Askew-Smith, Ashton Kauie, Ashton Kareko, Mali Roma, Jayden Hammon and Harrison Davis.